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Jordan Brand just introduced the AJ 9 in cleat form, exclusively for its NFL athletes, and now, the Air Jordan 12 is slated to receive the makeover next.This time intended for the MLB, the silhouette essentially retains its recognizable profile intact, with the upper also tweaked with a hint of modern flair. The black-based component bears a blend of Cheap Jordans carbon fiber and leather throughout, as it’s all adhered atop options of metal or molded cleats.An official release date has yet to be announced, but, stay tuned to KicksOnFire for more updates.
This December, Jordan Brand will be bringing back the beloved Air Jordan 9 Retro OG White Black True Red. If you’re a fan of the 9s, this has to be considered a must-have in your collection.The Air Jordan 9 Retro OG White Jordan 1 Black True Red is classified as a Retro OG release for the simple fact that it will come with ‘Nike Air’ branding on it. While you may not be able to see it once you put the shoe on, real OG enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that it comes with Nike Air-branded insoles. Coming in a White, Black and Red colorway, the majority of the shoe is made out of leather to give the shoe Jordan 7 its subtle aesthetic. Additional branding can be spotted on the heel, tongue and sole unit.Release date is currently December 3rd. Retail price is $190. Stay tuned to Kicks On Fire for updates.
The Air Jordan 12 with a revamped wool composition look to welcome the Fall season, as it’s set to make its official debut this weekend.Built with more functionality, the sneaker has also been elevated with premium flair and stylish sensibilities. The defining woolen Jordan Shoes 2016 upper is reinforced with tonal textured leather on the forefoot to retain its traditional build, while accents of white adorn the tongue with respective branding to cap off its subdued makeup.Priced at $200, you can purchase this pair at select Nike and JB accounts starting this Saturday, October 1st.GS sizes (3.5Y – 7Y) will be available as well and retail for $150.Click and bookmark our official Air Jordan 12 Wool launch page now for more Jordan 11 "72-10" images, the latest info and release details.
For those of you waiting for the Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Wool to drop, it’s now available for purchase. For those of you that still need a little convincing, look above. Said to be a great and appropriate option for the Fall season, let’s take another look at the shoe.The Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Wool comes dressed in a tonal-ish upper done in shades of Black, Cheap Jordans For Sale Grey and Silver. When it comes to the construction of the shoe, Wool can be found on the toe, side panels, ankle and toe, while leather takes care of the rest of the shoe. Other features on the shoe include the vague speckling on the White midsole and the Red Jumpman branding on the tongue and heel. Out now, pick up your very own pair for $120 from select retailers.
By now, most of you New Jordan Shoes have already heard/seen the brand new Air Jordan 11. The shoe came without warning and people already have their opinion about it. As of right now, the shoe is dubbed the Air Jordan 11 Wool but a large number of people, I don’t understand why though since the upper does not look like wool at all. This is wool, the Air Jordan 11 you see above looks more like a brushed suede to me, Jordan 11 Space Jam but that’s besides the point. We recently came across the story behind the Air Jordan 11 Wool and how it came about, today we’d like to share that story with you.The Air Jordan 11 Wool was made for a special kid by the name of Rhome Simpkins from Jordan Brand’s Make-A-Wish Foundation. Simpkins was born with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, which is a rare X-linked recessive disease characterized by eczema, thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), immune deficiency, and Jordans For Sale bloody diarrhea (secondary to the thrombocytopenia). Simpkins along with his family recently visited the Nike HQ and Jordan Brand surprised him with this Air Jordan 11 for his birthday. Now that you know the story behind the shoe the R.S branding on the side of the heel makes much more sense now, right?The Air Jordan 11 appears to be done in a premium Grey suede that no doubt gives the model a look we’re not Cheap Jordans for sale used to. The same hue us used on the toe, lining, laces and branding. So why a change of material? Jordan Brand wanted to give the classic model a new look and have it express itself in a brand new way. As of right now, there is no release date for the shoe but word is going around the shoe shoe WILL eventually release. Thoughts on the shoe? Let us know in the comments below.
Jordan shoes />Official images of the Air Jordan 4 Premium in Obsidian are finally revealed, as the sneaker is set to make its debut at retailers very soon.Exuding lifestyle appeal, the iconic silhouette bears varying quilted leather elements across its upper to emit a clean and luxurious profile. Accents of copper are evidenced on the eyelets, studded detailing on the heel and special jumpman hangtag to pronounce its subdued makeup, while also complementing the overall palette perfectly. Jordan 12 All adhered atop a clean white rubber sole unit that’s equipped with the signature air bubble component in the heel, the model will also come in a special dust bag.With suggested retail price at $400, you can purchase this limited edition pair at select JB and Nike retailers starting Saturday, September 17.Click and bookmark our official Air Jordan 4 Premium Obsidian launch page now for more images, info and release details.
Check out the Jordan shoes Air Jordan 31 Fine Print. Any guesses as to what the inspiration behind this Fine Print colorway is? Jordan takes it way back for this latest inspiration the Jordan 31. How back do they take it, you say? All the way back to the exact moment when the young rookie (Michael Jordan) signed his contract with Nike.Coming in a Black and White upper, the colors on the shoe are meant to represent the colors seen Jordan 12 on the document/contract: White paper, Black ink. Aside from the two-toned look on the shoe, there are also minimal hits of Wolf Grey strategically placed all around the shoe. A cool feature on the shoe lies on the outsole, as Michael Jordan’s John Hancock can be seen in Black to complete the theme of the shoe. Said to be dropping on September 17th for $185, what are your thoughts on the inspiration behind this Jordan Jordans for sale 31.
With the colder months approaching, this latest iteration of the Air Jordan 12 with a revamped wool composition is perfect for the Fall/Winter season.Built with more functionality, in addition to boasting premium flair and stylish sensibilities — the defining woolen upper is complemented with tonal textured leather gracing the forefoot to retain its traditional build. A matching rubber sole unit and subtle white accents adorning the tongue caps off its subdued profile.Priced at $200, Jordan Shoes GS sizes (3.5Y – 7Y) will be available as well and retail for $150.You can purchase this pair at select Nike and JB accounts starting this Saturday, October 1st.Click and bookmark our official Air Jordan 12 Wool launch page now for more images, the latest info and release details.
Dez Jordan 13 Bryant decided to flex a couple of days before the NFL season kicks off for the Dallas Cowboys as the star wide receiver and Jordan Brand athlete posted the picture you see above of one of his latest Jordan Brand hauls.Included in his latest shipment are past releases like the Air Jordan XXX Cosmos and Air Jordan 31 Brazil, as well as upcoming releases like the Air Jordan 12 Wool, Air Jordan 3 Cyber Monday, and the Air Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboard that we took a first glimpse at yesterday. The pair that caught our eye the most though is the Air Jordan 1 Low OG Pinnacle Jordan Future in metallic silver that we’re looking at for the first time ever.Which release are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to Kicks On Fire for release updates.
After a two year hiatus from production, the iconic Air Jordan 3 is returning in an all-new colorway this Fall 2016.As the moniker suggests, the theme coincides with the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, which was first evident Jordan Eclipse on the AJ 1 from 2015. Although, this pair is expected to make its debut in the coming weeks ahead instead. Flaunting a simple two-tone finish, the sneaker’s smooth and textured leather is rendered in black, while it’s juxtaposed atop a clean white rubber sole unit.Classic Jumpman embroidery adorning the tongue and insoles, in addition to a Jumpman branded patch treated in a matte finish rounds out its notable details.Priced at $190, you can purchase Jordan 11 this pair at select JB and Nike retailers on October 15th.Click and bookmark our official Air Jordan 3 Cyber Monday launch page now for more images, info and release details.

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