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The president of the bank, who has been observing all the time,Cheap Jordans did not understand how a person with $500,000 would come to the bank to borrow a dollar. So he chased him up and asked the rich, puzzled: "I'm sorry, sir. I want to ask you a question. It's hard to understand. Why do you have to borrow a dollar when you have a $ 500,000 property? ?"

"Well, I can tell you the truth. I have come here to do things and it will Jordan Clothing take some time. It is very unsafe to carry these notes of value with me. This has visited several vaults and I want to rent their safes, but the rents are very expensive.Air Jordan 11 I know that your bank's security is very good, so you deposit these documents in the form of a guarantee. Your loan interest is very cheap. You only pay 6 cents a year..."

The governor suddenly realized that people with brains and money are fortunate. They can Chicago Bulls Jersey use their brains to control their money. Those who only have money without a mind are unfortunate because their minds are dominated by money.

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