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Fox6 wbrc birmingham Signs for the site have appeared at intersections all over hickory hill and other parts of southeast memphis.The site offers what amounts to credit"Repair"Services. "It does sound very much like fraud to me,"Said faye carson, financial expert and credit counselor for clearpoint credit counseling solutions.Carson examined the site for our investigation. "Only you can correct your own negative credit by paying your bills.Any inaccurate information on your credit report, you have to go through the credit bureaus to dispute that information. " Toles scullark's site also boasts a"Stubs verification"Section that sells"Customized"Paycheck stubs and employee verification forms.Steve bierbrodt, financial crimes investigator for the shelby county sheriff's office. Bierbrodt said the site's paycheck stub and employee verification service is fraudulent. "It would be criminal simulation because you're making something appear to be official,"He said. Shelby county court records revealed toles scullark has several theft of property charges dating back to 2008.As recently as july, memphis police raided her raleigh apartment on a theft warrant. According to the incident report, police found"Counterfeit michael kors watches"And an"Open package of paper, along with 2 counterfeit paychecks. "The report said officers found an image of a counterfeit paycheck on a tv monitor, apparently being prepared for printing.The report indicated police arrested toles scullark for theft after the raid, but she was never prosecuted. When wmc action news 5 called the number on the site, an unidentified woman answered the phone.She denied she was toles scullark, saying only she is a"Representative of the company. " When we requested an interview with toles scullark, she said she would have to leave toles scullark a message and,"Ok, this isn't, like one of those(Stories)Where you try and bash a company, is it? " No one answered the door at 5014 yale rd., Apt.105, the last listing for Toles Scullark and the apartment Memphis police raided in July. Memphis public works director dwan gilliom confirmed toles scullark's signs for her website violate city ordinances for defacing public property.He ordered them removed wherever they are posted.
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